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The River’s Edge is a private membership, gay owned and operated, clothing-optional, campground located about 110 miles east of Atlanta, Georgia and 160 miles west of Columbia, South Carolina. If you’ve never been to a gay campground, you will notice a difference almost immediately. The River’s Edge tends to be more friendly, open, and inclusive than mainstream campgrounds. It’s difficult to walk around The River’s Edge and not be greeted by other campers, meeting new friends, and feeling like a part of a different community, free from the confounds of society. Being here is a freeing experience.

Camping here is about leaving the usual and normal behind, and embracing the unknown, experiencing new things, creating new memories, while fostering new relationships that last a life-time. It’s about stepping away from your usual routine, schedules, and groups, and allowing the real you to surface. It’s about being freed from self-imposed expectations and becoming who you really want to be.

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The River's Edge Story

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In the early 1990’s, Founder Terry Drayton purchased this 63 acre property here in Dewy Rose, GA. He and his partner, Ted, had a vision of creating a gay campground where his friends and the gay community could get away from the world and be themselves. After clearing roadways and carving out tent sites, The River’s Edge officially opened on July 4 th, 1994 with Terry being Member #1 and Ted was member #2.

The Main Cabin that we still use today was already on the premises when the land was purchased and Terry placed a silver Spartan trailer nicknamed ‘Lucy’ where the duplex Lofts 24 & 25 are now. Sitting beside it was a vintage turquoise and white camper which was nicknamed ‘Ricky’. These were a reference to the 1953 Lucy and Dezi movie named “The Long, Long Trailer”.

Unfortunately, Terry passed in 2003 having built this amazing community. The campground was left to his family who maintained ownership and management for the next eight years. As 2013 approached and the sale of The River’s Edge had become imminent, some of the long-term annual site members had become concerned that new owners could mean big changes. What would happen if the new ownership decided this would no longer be a gay, clothing optional campground?

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So, several annual members got together and decided they would purchase the campground and became the board that now owns and manages The River’s Edge. Within the first year, our owners put in a customized in-ground hot tub. We have also increased the number of permanent sites, erected a pavilion, and renovated many other aspects of the park. And we’re not done yet! There are more plans to continue enhancing and building up all aspects of the campground.

Click on an image to view an aerial slide show of how much the campground has grown in 30 years!